About me.

My name is Sean, a Builder based in Nottinghamshire.

I have over 20 years experience working in the construction industry. The majority of which I spent working for a long established large regional contractor who I started working for in August 2001 after leaving school.

Here I completed my apprenticeship in Bricklaying gaining my advanced craft certificate in September 2004.

The nature of the work allowed me to gain valuable experience in other trades and areas within the industry. This meant I had the opportunity to work alongside some very talented craftsmen and learn on the job performing tasks. Some of which are no longer taught now due to changes in methods of working, manufacturing etc.

The skills I learned from others enabled me to perform many different tasks on sites. Reducing the number of other trades that needed to be bought in.

Later in my time at the company I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take on a role with added responsibilities. This gave me a chance to gain insight into the running of a construction site and all the challenges that go along with it.

Unfortunately the company ceased trading in February 2013 but this enabled me to have a fresh start.

From a very young age it was an ambition of mine to be a builder. The ultimate goal of starting my own company came when I was a little bit older.

I now had the opportunity to do so and as such I started Royal Oak Construction in April 2013.