Home Extensions

Adding an extension to your home can be the ideal solution for those who have growing families.
Or those who would simply like more space in Flat Roof House Extensionthere current home.

By extending  your current house you can save money on the cost of moving. An additional benefit is creating space that works for you in your current location.

At Royal Oak Construction I can provide all the services needed to complete your extension from start to finish. On the initial visit I can discuss any ideas and objectives you have, materials you would like to use and construction methods available.

If you desire I can also offer a plan drafting service . This can help in both visualization of the completed project and the planning application process.

I try to carry out as much of the work as possible myself. I will only use known tradespeople to carry out other work which I cannot complete, I also only work on one project at a time. By doing this I feel i can react quicker to any problems and ultimately finish the project to a better standard.

If you would like to discuss any ideas or requirements you have for your extension then please contact me .